Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cerreto's Old World

Restaurant: Cerreto's Old World
Food Type: Italian
Alcohol: Bring your own
Dress: Casual
Location: 350 Passaic Avenue, Nutley NJ
Visited: Nov 2007

Would I return? Perhaps.

Food: The food was good but unremarkable for an Italian Restaurant.

Service: The waiters were attentive, but they were young and inexperienced...looked like high school age, so mistakes were made. But they were happy to correct problems and get things right. Overall the service was ok.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere is very casual and family oriented. It's a neighborhood Italian Restaurant. I would come here if I wanted a quick, decent Italian meal, but wouldn't come here for a nice night out or for a date. It's a little too casual and the food a little too ordinary for those occassions.

Ridge Thai

Restaurant: Ridge Thai
Food Type: Thai
Alcohol: No
Dress: Casual
Location: 50 Chestnut Street, Ridgewood NJ
Visited: Nov 2007

Would I return? Yes! This will be my staple Thai restaurant for the foreseeable future.

Food: The food was excellent. I'm not terribly adventurous when it comes to Thai food so I ordered my standard Pad Thai....and it was the best Pad Thai I've had in a long time. The Thai Iced Tea is really good too!

Service: The service was good. Prompt and attentive. We were not rushed.

Atmosphere: This restaurant is quite small and quaint. The decor is attractive. Despite the fact that there are only about a dozen tables, we were still seated promptly on a Saturday night. A pleasant Surprise given the good quality of the food.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Restaurant: Terrazza's
Food Type: Italian
Alcohol: They have a bar.
Dress: Casual
Location: 507 Franklin Ave., Nutley NJ
Visited: Oct 2007

Would I return? Yes!

Food: Fantastic food. Great martini's. Good Wines. Can't say enough about this place.

Service: The service is friendly, prompt, accurrate, and excellent.

Atmosphere: It's a wonderful atmosphere. It can be crowded, so I recommend making a reservation. They do take reservations for parties of two. We went on Friday night, arrived 10 mins late and they still seated us promptly. Very comfortable, and romantic. This is a good place to take a date. The staff did not rush dinner. It was at a comfortable pace.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Restaurant: Apolo's
Food Type: Mediterranean
Alcohol: Bring your own
Dress: Nice casual
Location: 61 East Main St, Ramsey NJ
Visited: Oct 2007

Would I return? No, I won't be going back.

Food: The food was good. Unfortunately the other drawbacks of this restaurant make this irrelevant.

Service: The service was poor. The wait staff seemed inexperienced and slow. The billing system was indecipherable. Most items were simply rung up as "Open Food Item", so we were unable to identify them on the bill. The wait staff was unable to explain the bill. We thought we paid too much but couldn't tell for sure because of the poor billing system.

Atmosphere: The dining room is attractive, however it is small and loud. It can be difficult to have a conversation.

Via Brera

Restaurant: Via Brera
Food Type: Italian
Alcohol: Bring your own
Dress: Casual
Location: 160 Franklin Ave, Nutley NJ
Visited: Oct 2007

Would I return? Yes!

Food: The food is very good. Pretty authentic Italian.

Service: The service was good. Waiter was quite attentive.

Atmosphere: Again, it's an authentic Italian atmosphere. The ochre color walls, rolls on the table instead of bread, street name embedded on the outside of the building....makes you feel like you're really in Italy. We went on a Sunday evening, so it was not crowded at that time. I'm not sure how big of a crowd this restaurant gets at busier times of the week.

El Cid

Restaurant: El Cid
Food Type: Spanish
Alcohol: Has a bar
Dress: Casual
Location: 205 Paramus Rd, Paramus NJ
Visited: Oct 2007

Would I return? You bet! This restaurant is a must try!

Food: The food is excellent. The Sangrias are fantastic!

Service: The service was good. The food was delivered promptly, perhaps too quickly at times.

Atmosphere: The restaurant has several dining rooms and can seat a large number of people. Even so, it is always crowded with a wait. We went a few weeks earlier at around 8pm on a Saturday evening and there was an hour wait, so we went elsewhere. When we went back, we went at 6:30pm on a Saturday, and the wait was still 1/2 hour. In this case we waited and were not disappointed with the meal. They do not take reservations for parties of two, so couples have little choice but to sit and wait. I suggest doing this at the bar with a Sangria!